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July 22, 2014 at 2:24am
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souljaboimeetsworld said: you dropping any tapes soon? anything in the works?

Yeah I got hella new music on my computer just trying to organize a realese so it comes out in the best way. I just want everything to be in line, and all my “instrumentals,” I’ve been making sound different than the last one so it’s just confusing

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Anonymous said: would you let a fan kiss you?

Idk I don’t normally kiss strangers, but I like kissing pretty women so maybe ?

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Anonymous said: Would you say your greatest catalyst of your music is due to the weed or something else?

This sounds lame but it’s passion man. I like the feeling of making some music I think is tight. Idk what it is.

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Anonymous said: is reason free?!?!?! or do i have to shell out a shit load? or do i torrent that shit

U can torrent reason 4/5, but I don’t think the new version u can. But I would recommend investing in it.

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Anonymous said: Do u get a lot of groupie love (making)?

Naw most night I be renting movies in the hotel room smoking weed in the bathroom working on new shit ordering room service

July 21, 2014 at 7:40pm
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Anonymous said: its so sick how you just answer fans questions on here your a hero!


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Anonymous said: are you proud of how many fans you have or would you always want more

That’s a tough question, because I am content with the fans that I have now, but with that being said, playing shows that are 1/3 sold out sucks too.

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Anonymous said: could you send me some stickers please thannnnks, you don

What stickers u want

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Anonymous said: i think that like when a tour is announced it should be skywlkr and danny brown instead of danny brown and skywlkr, you're both hard but imo you're easily the best like i cant describe how good you were at wembley, when are you next in england... im your #1 fan like have been since you released like white girls and all those songs

Thank you for the love. Maybe in the future, when more people would come out to see me live.

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Anonymous said: whats the best and worst thing about traveling the world with danny brown

Lol he’s the grinch. So he’s either throwing a party or ruining somebody else’s.

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Anonymous said: could you make some videooooooooos please

Help me make some :)

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thyrdyt said: Yo how long did it take u to learn how to use reason and make the music u want? How many tutorials did u watch?

At first I sucked at reason. Lol learned through experimentation. I didn’t have any friends using it. I really didnt watch tutorials than either. I watch more, nowadays. You just gotta be patient and once you get the hang of reason, you find your own ways of doing shit.

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Anonymous said: i'm goin to Osheaga! hopeful to seeing you there :)

Hell ya! Sounds fun I can’t wait to come out that way :))

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Anonymous said: you're such a fucking boss, i hope you know that man, i prefer you to danny brown tbh

That’s nice of you to say, thank you. But grinch is the man!

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Anonymous said: which upcoming festivals are you playing? would love to see you.

A lot where r u